Blown Away!

Have you had something happen to you and you think... WOW!  This was Tim & I last Sunday, after speaking at Living Water last weekend.  How many times do we come to church just out of normal routine, not really expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen or sometimes thinking, will Jesus even meet me here today?   

The whole service was AMAZING!  Worship, baptisms, being with our church family & having the entire Wimberly Tribe present in the front two rows :-)  Yes, we actually do take up two rows!!

Tim & I spoke, sharing the journey we've been on for the past year of how the Lord is calling us to serve the Nation of Cambodia.  If you want to hear about our journey, click here

After the last service, Tim & I were out in the commons talking with people, when I was introduced to a sweet Cambodian girl named Sarah.  Did you catch that? She was Cambodian!  It was Sarah's first time to Living Water. And, she got baptized!  Of all Sunday's, it was the Sunday that we were to share our story about being sent to Cambodia, her country.  

She was raised Buddhist, as most Cambodians are.  She gave her life to Jesus about 8 months ago & wanted to get baptized.  Life circumstances arose and it wasn't till last week that it would work for her to be baptized.  One of those circumstances was her wanting her whole family present.  But as you can see, (pic below) she got her whole family there to witness her next step in following Jesus.  I don't really know if her family all have a relationship with Jesus, but one thing I do know, is that they heard how Jesus is sending people to go and give the Good News to their country.  

Why were we blown away?  Of all Sunday's in the last 8 months that Sarah could have come, it was the exact particular one where we would be speaking.  It was as if Jesus again wanted to remind us "I am sending you to these people!" 

Jesus wants to blow each one of us away!  He wants to meet us, not only on Sunday's but every day, so get ready!!